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Corrigendum Notice: Junior Engineers Examination 2015

Staff Selection Commission decided the date of Junior Engineers(Civil/Mechanical/Electrical and Quantity Surveying and Contract) Examination 2015 is amended to read as 20-12-2015 in place of 06-12- 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Paper-II of Sub-Inspectors in CAPFs and Delhi Police Examination, 2015

It has come to notice of the Staff Selection Commission that in some of the Question Booklets, a particular passage was not printed. Due to the aforesaid error in the printing it has been decided that all candidates who had appeared in the Paper-II of Sub-Inspectors in CAPFs and Delhi Police Examination, 2015 held on 30.08.2015 would be awarded marks for the above referred Questions irrespective of whether he/she had attempted the said Questions.

Kerala Gramin Bank Recruitment 2015

Kerala Gramin Bank invites online applications, for the post of Officer in Middle Management Grade (Scale III), Officer in Middle Management Grade (Scale II), Officer in Junior Management (Scale I) Cadre and Office Assistant (Multipurpose) from Indian citizens who have been declared qualified at the Online CWE-III for RRBs conducted by IBPS during September/ October 2014.

Opening date for Online Registration : 01.09.2015 

Last Date for Online Registration : 15.09.2015

Allahabad Bank Specialist Officers Final Result Declared

Allahabad Bank has announced the list of candidates identified for the post of Specialist Officer in JMG Scale-I. The Common Recruitment Process for selection of SPECIALIST Officers in Public Sector Banks conducted by IBPS, Mumbai and subsequent allotment of candidates made by IBPS based on the performance in CWE-IV online exam and interview.

IBPS CWE-IV Specialist Officers Recruitment Project 2015-16. List of candidates identified for joining and list of Provisional candidates along with discrepancies.



Q.1. According to Census 2011 what percent of India’s population have no faith in any religion? 

Ans: (1) 0.24% 

Q.2. How many agreements have been signed between India and Seychelles during the visit of President of Seychelles to India? 

Ans: (4) 5 

Q.3. Who has been appointed by UNICEF as goodwill ambassador for the UN Fund for Children? 

Ans: (5) Novak Djokovic 

Q.4. Who has become the first Kenyan to win a gold medal in men’s 400m hurdles race at the 15th IAAF World Championships? 

Ans: (1) Nicholas Bett 

Q.5. Which bank has recently launched the country’s first mortgage guarantee-backed home loan product? 

Ans: (3) ICICI Bank 

Q.6. Who has assumed the charge of Member of Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC) for Goa and UTs? 

Ans: (5) Neerja Mathur 

Q.7. Who has assumed charge as the Director General of the CSIR? 

Ans: (2) Dr. Girish Sahni 

Q.8. Name the Indian- American who won 2015 Stockholm Junior Water Prize? 

Ans: (2) Perry Alagappan 

Q.9. Recently ___________ Research Centre Imarat (RCI) received the PSU summit award 2015. 

Ans: (3) DRDO 

Q.10. Which country will host the Commonwealth Youth, Junior and Senior Weightlifting Championship 2015? 

Ans: (4) India

English Language For RRBs-CWE-IV Exam

Q.1-5.Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct, if the sentence is correct, Mark (5) ie “No correction required” as the answer.

Q.1.   If the downward trend in revenues is not suppress the shortfall at the end of the year may be most astonishing.
(1) of revenues is not suppressed                             

(2) of revenue is not suppressing
(3) of revenues are not suppressed                          

(4) in revenues is not suppressed                                 
(5) No correction required

Q.2.   The prisoner was ordered to release when it was discovered that there had been a misdeameanour of justice.
(1) being ordered to release when it was               

(2) ordered to be released when it was
(3) order to be  released when this was                   

(4) ordered to  releasing when it was                            

(5) No correction required

Q.3.   Students who have secured more than ninety percent marks are eligible for the scholarship.

(1)   that have secured more than ninety percent mark                

(2)   those have secured more than ninety percent marks

(3)   which  have scored more than ninety percent marks

(4)   who have been securing more than ninety percent marks

(5)   No correction required

Q.4.   In high school many of us neither realised the importance that grammar would play in later life.

(1) many neither realised                     

(2) many neither realise                  

(3) most of us neither realise 

(4) many of us never realised                      

(5) No correction required

Q.5.   The manner in which bombs exploded in five trains within a short span of time suggest that it is a part of a conspiracy.
(1) of time suggests that it                            

(2) in time suggests that it       

(3) in time suggest that it           

(4) of time suggests that this                        

(5) No correction required

Q.6-10.Read each sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).

Q.6.   We should spent a good part of (1)/ the day in out of the door activities and(2)/games, because staying indoors all(3)/ the time is bad for health (4)/ No error (5)

Q.7.   It is apparent to everyone (1)/present that he would(2)/have died if  he had (3)/ not received 
timely help(4)/ No error (5)

Q.8.   Every man, woman and(1)/child is now aware(2)/of the terrible consequences (3)/ of habit of smoking (4)/ No error(5)

Q.9.   It is difficult to compare countries(1)/because various factors such as size (2)/culture, history,natural endowments (3)/and internal polity comes into play(4)/No error(5)

Q.10.   Documents describing the (1)/Chinese vision state that(2)/science and technology constitutes(3)/ premier productive forces (4)/ No error(5)